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Try a little experiment - press your eyelid lightly and you'll notice you'll have distorted your vision!


The Chinese discovered this science over 2000 years ago BC – they slept with tiny silk filled pouches filled with sand on their eyelids – and woke up less Short Sighted!

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Using OVC lenses as a Cure for Myopia

Thousands of people are diagnosed with short-sightedness every year and as a result ophthalmologists are always on the hunt for an effective cure for myopia.

Short-sightedness plagues an estimated 25% of the UK population, so finding a cure for myopia would undoubtedly change the country's vision correction landscape.

Fortunately, there isn't just one cure for myopia out there and the condition is relatively easy to treat with new and existing technology - such as Ortho-K overnight correction contact lenses - but there have been major advances in the technology in recent years, particularly when it comes to children's vision problems.

Now considered a traditional cure for myopia, glasses are beginning to make way for new vision correction devices which can not only correct vision but stem the progression of myopia in both young and old patients.

And while corrective laser surgery is effective for many, Ortho-K lenses are chosen by people because they do not come with any of the major, permanent side effects associated with the more invasive cure for myopia.


Why are Ortho-K lenses an effective cure for myopia?

Ortho-K overnight contact lenses are an excellent cure for myopia and a more effective cure for childhood short-sightedness than glasses or standard contact lenses for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because ortho-k lenses are worn overnight - gently reshaping the eye while a person sleeps and providing complete vision correction when they wake - wearers can do away with their daily contacts or cumbersome glasses.

This means that people in search of a cure for myopia no longer need to be hindered by the need to carry traditional vision correction devices with them. With ortho-k lenses, there are no more lost glasses or dropped contact lenses - just perfect, hassle-free vision.

As a result, ortho-k lenses are an ideal myopia cure for people with active jobs, where glasses and contact lenses are unsuitable, or those who are required to exercise a lot of visual concentration, such as drivers or people who regularly use computer screens.

While similar benefits to the ortho-k cure for myopia can be achieved with corrective laser surgery, the latter comes with a significant number of downsides.

To start with, laser eye surgery can cause permanent damage to the eye, including halos, blurred vision and even blindness.

Secondly this invasive cure for myopia, while it can have immediate vision correction benefits, often has a short lifespan, with people's vision deteriorating as they age, requiring them to wear contact lenses or glasses once they get older.


What are the other benefits of Ortho-K lenses aside from vision correction?

As well as providing effective vision correction and a cure for myopia, ortho-k lenses have a number of other benefits.

As mentioned above they are a cure for myopia, stemming the condition's progression. This means that over time, patients don't have to get stronger and stronger prescriptions, they simply use the same ortho-k contact lenses while, at the same time, maintaining consistent vision correction results.

Because ortho k-lenses are not worn during the day, they can also be an effective dry eye treatment. Dry eye is a problem that is often caused by traditional contact lenses and can cause itching and irritation. As ortho-k lenses are worn overnight, this is often no longer a problem.

And in the same way, ortho-k lenses can reduce the impact of allergies, which can be a severe problem for people using a traditional cure for myopia - particularly in summer.

Are you a suitable candidate for the Ortho-K cure for myopia?

Finding out if you are suitable for the ortho-k cure for myopia is easy. All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and we will take you through the benefits of overnight corrective lenses and whether they are suited to you.

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